About Me

My Philosophy is simple.... it's all about you.

As a clinical nutritionist I am focused on how I can help you to live the healthiest, fullest experience of life that is possible for YOU.

I believe you can make significant and long-lasting positive changes to your health and well-being by eating a wholesome and natural diet tailored to your unique needs, concerns, and future plans.

A nutrient rich diet that'll support your body to heal, re-energise, and strengthen itself.


So if...

  • You've been battling a long-term condition that isn't improving.
  • You've tried all kinds of things and nothing has worked.
  • You feel like you've got no control and no answers about your health condition.
  • Your health is a constant source of stress and worry for you.
  • And you still feel stuck...

 Then let's look at how we can make some significant shifts for you. So you can live and not just exist.

Working with you I'll take a holistic view of you and your health, not a tunnel-vision perspective. People come to me because I have many years experience working in the medical field, with a deep knowledge of medications and complex medical conditions, which I apply to my practice of nutrition.

You can be assured my advice is always grounded in reliable research. I am persistent when it comes to examining research studies and using that knowledge to benefit your care.

If I believe you need a traditional medical approach or medication to ensure the best complementary outcomes, I will tell you. But I'll also work out how to support your health and wellbeing with the right food and nutrients while that happens.

Who am I?

It's important for you to be confident in my ability. That I won't be another dead end in your search for wellness.

I am a registered clinical nutritionist with a BSc (honours) in Biomedical Sciences, a Masters in Toxicology, and a Diploma in Nutrition.

I'm an advisory board member at the Holistic Performance Institute (NZ), and a content creator and tutor for the Advanced Micronutrition module for the Certified Holistic and Performance Nutritionist (HPN2) course.

My background in biochemistry, cellular biology and toxicology has given me a deep understanding of how the human body works in health and disease, and what substances (medications, man-made chemicals, natural compounds) do to our bodies, including how we process them. I use this knowledge to inform my clinical judgement during your care.